Episode 1 – Minutes 1-5: Rio Bravo


Josh Horowitz and Brett Stillo inaugurate their new podcast with a discussion of the 20th Century Fox logo (minus the fanfare) the Fox-mandated scene with the Lawyer and Egg Shen, and the hero-sandwich-chomping Jack Burton on the Pork Chop Express.

Episode 2 – Minutes 5-10: Pasadena and Visalia


Minutes 5-10 come to us from Pasadena, CA, where Josh and Brett meet in person at the Saga Motor Lodge (and with lots of unfortunate room reverb, apologies!) to discuss John J Lloyd, Fan Tan and Tien Gow, the viability of bottles being cut in half by a machete, and freeway extensions.

Episode 3 – Minutes 10-15: Goggles and Eyes


Special guest Pete Mummert from the Indiana Jones Minute joins us on the Podcast Express as we arrive at the airport and discuss a pre-9/11 world where knives, guns, Eskimo snow goggles and red Pontiac Firebirds are commonplace.

Episode 4 – Minutes 15-20: Don’t Come Late to the Meeting


Minutes 15-20 bring us to a mysterious narrow alley in Chinatown, a funeral, two fighting tongs, a Chinese stand-off, and plenty of fighting. Featuring guest martial artist, actor, and stuntman Dennis Ruel.

Episode 5 – Minutes 20-25: Pearl Gray Fiero

Special guests Alex Robinson and Pete the Retailer from the Star Wars Minute join Brett and Josh in discussing Minutes 20-25, which cover the Three Storms, a ghost-like epiglottis, cars, and a discussion of color theory.

Episode 6 – Minutes 25-30: An Exposition Explosion

Eddie and Gracie help explain the plot in painstaking detail during Minutes 25-30. Is Jack Burton really Henry Swanson? Special guests Audra Wolfmann and Desmond Miller help us decide.

Episode 7 – Minutes 30-35: White Tiger Rumpus and Ground Deer Horn

Minutes 30-35 take us to the White Tiger’s, where we discuss Chinese girls with green eyes, animated lightning, protein shake concoctions, and calling the president. Featuring Tom Taylor and Gerry Porter from the Indiana Jones Minute Podcast.

Episode 8 – Minutes 35-40: Manager of the Month

Join Jack and Wang as they infiltrate the Wing Kong Exchange in Minutes 35-40, and join Brett, Josh, and guests Jim O’Kane and Mark Cerulli from the Airport Minute Podcast as they discuss Chinese divination, 80s mullets, fresh vs. saltwater bubbles, and Sun Lik beer.

Episode 9 – Minutes 40-45: The Beleaguered Boss

Indeed! Minutes 40-45 reveal Mr. David Lo Pan in his legendary wheelchair-laden verbal joust against Jack and Wang. Returning guest Pete Mummert from the Indiana Jones Minute joins Josh and Brett in discussing Pantene moments, divinity, eyes, and the difficulties of running an evil organization.

Episode 10 – Minutes 45-50: A Ride at Disneyland

For their 10th episode, Brett and Josh bring their partners in crime, Audra Wolfmann and Lena Horowitz, to discuss Minutes 45-50. Featuring a round skeleton room, Chinese myths and legends, Jack’s double piggyback ride, and a wild wheelchair ride.

Episode 11 – Minutes 50-55: Memoirs of a Wing Kong Staff Guard

Big Trouble in Little China actress Lia Chang (Wing Kong Staff Guard) discusses Minutes 50-55 with Josh and Brett, and her unique experiences working on the film. Featuring Lia’s fight scene, Jack’s heroism, a smoke-filled staff, and damp heroes.

Episode 12 – Minutes 55-60: Scooby-Doo and the Magic Knife

Minutes 55-60 come at us from New York Comic Con, where special guest Asterios Kokkinos discusses with Josh and Brett sewer pipe intimacy, Scooby-Doo moments, destroyed Buddha statues, heroism, and a magic knife.

Episode 13 – Minutes 60-65: Long, Wispy Hair

This week Brett drives the Podcast Express along with fellow San Franciscans Kai Roath and Daven Hayes through Minutes 60-65, discussing the Chinese Wild Man, Gracie’s encounters with Lo Pan, famous Chinatown gangsters, and lots of movie references.

Episode 14 – Minutes 65-70: Lo Pan’s Bachelor Party

In Minutes 65-70 we reach the underworld of this video game-like portion of the film, and Crystal Beth of the Unlimited Lives podcast joins Josh and Brett in a discussion of bat poles, elaborate rituals, Black Blood of the Earth, and bug monsters.

Episode 15 – Minutes 70-75: The Editor’s Best Friend

Minutes 70-75 cover the heroes entering Lo Pan’s Domain, white eyes, a pile of fish, interrupted exposition, speculation on Lo Pan’s wedding reception, Egg Shen fan fiction, and the Eyeball Guardian. Featuring special guest (and editor) Ian Kezsbom.

Episode 16 – Minutes 75-80: A Toast, Sir!

Stephen Escudero from the BTiLC and Vundablog podcasts joins Josh and Brett to discuss Minutes 75-80 of Big Trouble in Little China. Featuring the Eyeball Guardian, a notable toast, two stabbed characters, and an unusual wedding ceremony.

Episode 17 – Minutes 80-85: Chang Sing #1

Marital arts choreographer, associate producer, and Big Trouble in Little China actor James Lew (Chang Sing #1) joins the Podcast Express in discussing his experiences on the film, as well as Minutes 80-85, which cover the amazing fight scene in the Great Arcade.

Episode 18 – Minutes 85-90: Pure David Lo Pan

Burn rubber with the Reels & Wheels podcasters Sid Bridge and James Rodatus as they discuss the climactic Minutes 85-90 with Josh and Brett. Featuring a lipstick-smeared kiss, a final showdown, an inflatable miniboss, and a fleet of Pontiac 6000s.

Episode 19 – Minutes 90-95: 6.9 on the Richter Scale

In our penultimate episode, game designer of the Legendary Big Trouble in Little China Board Game Rob Heinsoo joins the Podcast Express for Minutes 90-95. Featuring Lightning’s final showdown, a neat crossbow, a classic escape, and a unique ending.

Episode 20 – Minutes 95-99: Master of the Colors

Our final episode covers Minutes 95-99, including Jack’s departure and an ending surprise. Featuring a special interview with Big Trouble in Little China’s co-composer and legendary sound designer Alan Howarth… and a whole lot more!

Episode 21 – BONUS EPISODE 1: Revelations / Degrees of Mulletude

In this bonus episode, Brett and Josh return to the Podcast Express to discuss the Official Making of Big Trouble in Little China book by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry, published by Boom! Studios.

Episode 22 – BONUS EPISODE 2: 2.99

Josh and Brett don their smoking jackets in this second bonus episode and discuss the Art of Big Trouble in Little China book by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry, published by Boom! Studios. Special guest: BTLC comic book cover artist Dan Panosian.

Episode 23 – 5 Minutes of Banzai Preview

Brett Stillo and Josh Horowitz will be doing 5 Minutes of Banzai, discussing the Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension 5 minutes at a time. This preview episode covers the trailer to Buckaroo Banzai, which includes lots of bow tie.

Episode 24 – BONUS EPISODE 3: Bad Guys and Good Guys (Part I)

Part one of this epic, two-part bonus episode features an interview with the Six Shooter Wing Kong Hatchet Man (Gerald Okamura), Lords of Death member Needles (Jeff Imada), and his brother and Wing Kong / Chang Sing, Brian Imada!

Episode 25 – BONUS EPISODE 3: Bad Guys and Good Guys (Part II)

Part two of this epic, two-part bonus episode features an interview with the Six Shooter Wing Kong Hatchet Man (Gerald Okamura), Lords of Death member Needles (Jeff Imada), and his brother and Wing Kong / Chang Sing, Brian Imada!

Episode 26 – BONUS EPISODE 4: Lo Pan Style

Back from a long hiatus, Josh and Brett talk with Wesley Freitas, producer, actor, and creator of the YouTube parody “Lo Pan Style.” Wesley discusses the making of the video, and his thoughts on Big Trouble and the upcoming sequel with the Rock.