Ep. 8: Manager of the Month

Jack Burton’s Boots (Moccasins) 


If you’re interested in a pair of calf-skin moccasins like the ones Jack sports in the film, Internet sources seem to suggest they were custom-made for Kurt Russell by a company called “Bald Mountain Moccasins”, which has split into a company called Catskill Mountain Moccasins.

Supposedly they’re not cheap… may be around $1000 US…

Late for Dinner (Trailer)

BTLC screenwriter W.D. Richter directed this 1991 film, which Jim O’Kane notes has a similar feel dialogue-wise to BTLC.

Dean Cundey, A.S.C.


Learn more about Big Trouble in Little China’s cinematographer Dean Cundey on Wikipedia and IMDB.

I-Ching and Oracle Bones


Learn more about Egg’s divination methods using possible I-Ching and Oracle Bones.

Sun Lik Beer


Check out the site about Egg and Uncle Chu’s beer of choice, Sun Lik, the UK’s #1 Draft Chinese Beer (must be over 21).



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