Ep. 5: Pearl Gray Fiero

Born Invincible (Shaolin Invincibles)

Check out a clip of Carter Wong (Thunder) in his most popular movie outside of BTLC:

Carter Wong and Bruce Lee


Street Pop Locking

Peter Kwong’s (Rain) specialty!

Never Too Young to Die

Watch Peter Kwong (Rain) in this 1986 film “Never Too Young to Die”

The Golden Child

Look for James Hong and Peter Kwong in the trailer!

Master of the Flying Guillotine

Inspiration for the Storms?

Pearl Gray Fiero

With accompanying Wiki-link!


Speakers in the headrests!

The Battered Bastards of Baseball

A Netflix baseball documentary featuring Kurt Russell.

The Fu Manchu Tank

Here’s a shameless plug for Jack Burton’s Fu Manchu tank tops, which you can get in limited numbers through Moviegeektees.com (or other Internet locations).

Eerie Indiana and the Dragon of the Black Pool

The Dragon of the Black Pool sign (and restaurant) makes an appearance in Episode 15 (“No Brain, No Pain”) of the 1992 series “Eerie Indiana”: