Ep. 15: The Editor’s Best Friend

Contact Lenses in Little China

Both Kim Cattrall and Suzee Pai wear different contacts in the film – green and white. Did you know they were provided by Dr. Morton Greenspoon of Sherman Oaks, CA?

Check out this site about his work over the decades (and an interesting interview).

Fan Fiction

Want Big Trouble in Little China Fan Fiction (including Egg Shen)? Check out the Wing Kong Exchange.

Making the Eyeball Guardian

Here’s the very detailed article about the process behind making the monsters of BTLC, including the Chinese Wild Man, Eyeball Guardian, and the Bug Monster.


Ian’s comedy-horror film about Passover. Don’t even think about drinking Elijah’s wine…

Swing Shift

Watch the trailer for the six-minute short film, Swing Shift, directed by Brett Stillo.

Sensitive 70s Turtleneck Tough Guys

Respect the Turtleneck.