Ep. 13: Long, Wispy Hair

Junk Yard Kid


Check out artwork by Big Daddy Roth (whose Junk Yard Kid, depicted above, may resemble the Chinese Wild Man).

The Yeren


Learn about China’s Bigfoot, the Yeren, in this informative article.

Shrimp Boy


Here’s a Wikipedia article about San Francisco Chinatown gangster Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow.

Lone Wolf and Cub – Bentenrai Brothers


In the Japanese series Lone Wolf and Cub, the notorious Bentenrai Brothers look mighty similar to certain Storms we all know and love…

Little Pete


Here’s the Wikipedia article about tong boss Little Pete, the San Francisco Chinatown warlord from the late 19th Century.

Another article about Little Pete’s life and eventual assassination.